Welcome to the FUZIHISA website.

I am plane and cutlery maker that.
continues at two generations in the Sanjo City.
Sanjo City is located near the heart of Niigata Prefecture in Japan.
The tool manufacturing of woodwork is an active Sanjo city.
I manufacture the original merchandise such as the plane and cutlery and am selling it.
It sells it to Japan and foreign countries.

Manufacturing item

Violin planes.
Spokeshave Planes.
Other planes.
Spearp planes.
Marking Gauge.
Marking Knives.
Craft Knife.
Plane blade.
Craft cutlery.

Registered trademark

It is read as FUJIKYU or FUJIHISA in Japan.

FUJIHISA is a registration of trade mark that has been defending
from father counterplan since 1959.

It is called FUJIHISA in foreign countries.

Trademark registration number, No.533646
Registration date, 27 in February, 1959